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UVR Connected

UVR Connected

UVR Connected

You & we are connected - UVR Connected

Clothing connects. People who have a sporty style feel connected to those who also like to dress sporty. And women who like to wear skirts like to compliment other women for their skirts. Through fashion you get into conversation and if you share the same taste, you feel connected. The intention of UVR Connected was similar. They want to make clothes that everyone feels connected to. That means less extravagant evening gowns or daring fittings. UVR Connected would like to score with its simple yet beautiful T-shirts, long sleeves or dresses. Especially the warm colours of the dresses catch the eye. In addition, all the clothes are made of high-quality materials such as organic cotton. They pay great attention to the use of recycled materials, materials from organic farming or renewable resources. Therefore all products are also vegan. Neither humans, nature nor animals should have to suffer for fashion.

How everything began...

UVR Connected was founded by Udo Aydt and Dirk Siever. They started with a small business in Uckermark, where they designed, cut and sewed the clothes. But the demand grew and so the small business became a popular name in the fair fashion industry. And now they can be found in our GREENALITY Online Shop. UVR Connected take great care in supporting family- or small businesses and therefore, for example, have their clothes produced in Poland. They also do not export the fabrics from the Middle East, but get them from Italy, France or Portugal. The two founders have a very friendly relationship with the seamstresses and fair and safe working conditions apply to all those involved. The entire manufacturing process is also sustainable and ecological.

Fashion for all

UVR Connected's clothing may not be extravagant, but it scores with functionality, is ecological and of good quality. They attach importance to basics and want to offer them affordable to all people who like fair and ecological clothing. They are also convinced that basics are unbeatable in combination. A plain yellow T-shirt is a perfect match for any pair of jeans and shoes. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to decide whether you want to look chic or casual and you can reinvent yourself every day.