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Long Blouse City Grey Studio Jux
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Blouse Grey Dots Studio Jux
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Studio Jux

Studio Jux

Fashion should be fun

At least that's what the Dutch eco fashion label Studio Jux thinks. The word Jux means here the German word, which stands for "fun". The word fun is here of course versatile to consider. You as the customer should have fun wearing the clothes and the people who make the clothes should have fun as well. In the fight against fast fashion Studio Jux sets an example. Instead of exploiting people and nature for economic success, they believe that success should not only be defined economically. The greatest success for the label is to see people in the textile value chain grow. With the help of safe and fair working conditions and wages that make life worth living, all people should grow together with Slow Fashion. For this reason, the young label does not see itself as a commercial enterprise. Rather, they define themselves as a mixture of NGO and company and call themselves a social enterprise. We think that's great and we don't want to deprive you of the clothes.

With Studio Jux through the seasons

The nature-loving label equips you with its assortment for all seasons. T-shirts and long sleeves are perfect for spring and summer. But also blouses and tunics are ideal for the warm days. And when the cold times are coming, you are well equipped with the sweaters and knitwear. The rather minimalist designs, in simple and natural colours, are fabulous to combine.

Produced with love

The fashion of Studio Jux is handmade in Nepal. The people put a lot of work and time into the processing of the clothes. Furthermore, only high quality materials are used. Organic cotton is one of the top materials, which stands for high quality but also for environmentally friendly cultivation. No harmful substances or pesticides are used in the cultivation of organic cotton. In addition, far less water is used here than for conventional cotton. Thus the cotton really lives up to the cliché of the "white gold". But bamboo is also worked into the clothes. The natural wood fibre is extremely tear-resistant and absorbs moisture perfectly.

If your interest is awakened now and you really want to wear Studio Jux clothes, just browse through our online shop and find your new favourite piece. You have enough choice and we are sure you will find something for you.