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Sonnenglas - Bring The Sun Home To You

Is your summer holiday, which you have been looking forward to for ages, coming to an end and you are already longing for the sun? Then simply catch the remaining sunrays and enjoy them on colder days. With the sun glass from GREENALITY this is no longer a problem. This new treasure gives you back your holiday feeling for up to 24 hours and is also environmentally friendly.

And This Is How It Works:

This solar glass is a simple and environmentally friendly way to provide light and warmth in the colder season. Small solar fields in the lid catch and store the sun's rays during the day. In the evening, your solar glass shines and gives you warmth whenever you feel like it. You can also use your new piece as decoration to give your home a personal touch. There are no limits to your creativity. With a capacity of 1000 milliliters, you have plenty of room to fill your sunglass with summery flowers or leaves and make your glass a chic accessory for your home. At Christmas time, you could reach for a string of lights, twigs and cones to create a wintery atmosphere. As with all our clothes, we make sure that all other products in our online shop are not only convincing on the outside, but also that the inner values are right. Our Sonnenglas is made of at least 70% sustainable materials such as recycled glass and metal pieces and is also 100% vegan.

We Always Come Up With Something New

In order to constantly develop and grow, our GREENALITY team also has new ideas to try to make the world a better place. Some time ago we therefore launched our project "A lesson for fashion". With every sold article we donate money to a school in Bangladesh, which is be used to pay for school lessons there. Our aim is to give children from poorer circumstances a good education and thus a chance for a successful future.