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Enjoy nature without feeling guilty

Many people love nature and enjoy spending their free time there. And the real outdoor freaks also experience the greatest adventures there. But you also need to be well-equipped for this, for example with a functional jacket. But most jackets are made of artificial materials so that they are also highly functional. But how can you love nature so much if you destroy it at the same time as buying such jackets? This question was asked northwards and radically created an alternative. They have made a jacket that is 99% environmentally friendly materials and they are still working on making the last 1% of the jacket nature-friendly. We think their ambition is great and we don't want to keep the outdoor jackets from you. Therefore we offer them to you in our GREENALITY Online Shop.

Equipped with Nordwärts for everything

The outdoor jackets are available for both men and women and in natural colours you won't stand out so much in nature, but you still have a wide range to combine. Whether with a washed-out jeans from Armedangels or with shorts from Recolution - you decide how you would like to combine your new jacket. For unexpected rain showers you are perfectly equipped with the hood and of course the jacket is water-repellent. The jacket is made of 100% organic cotton and is therefore not only organic but also free of harmful substances. The cotton fibres are tightly woven together and treated in the after-treatment in such a way that they allow the water to run off. And this process takes place without PFC and PFOA. And the wind doesn't stand a chance either, because the jacket doesn't let cold breezes through. Nevertheless, the jacket is breathable and if it gets hot when climbing the mountains, you don't have to worry about sweating, because the jacket absorbs moisture perfectly.

Eco does not have to look eco

The cliché that organic clothes do not look nice and smell funny is proved wrong here. The jackets have a stylish fitting and are also very soft. In addition, they have a long life span due to the high-quality processing and the one-time investment in the jacket definitely pays off over the years. But the jacket can do even more: It is 100% vegan and also GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Has that convinced you now? Then take a look at our carefully selected range and find your new Eco Jacket that will accompany you on all your adventures!