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Colourful patterns from Létol

The French brand Létol shows its colours. The handmade scarves, which are produced fairtrade in France, are not only colourful but also patterned. In the small town of Charlieu in the south of France the colourful accessories are made with a lot of effort and love. The French flair is transferred from the scarf to your aura and you convey to all your fellows the feeling of unconventionality and freedom. With your scarf you will definitely become an eye-catcher and set fashionable accents.

For the nature

All Létol models are of course fairtrade. All those involved in the production process are therefore offered fair and safe working conditions and living wages. The "Made in France" seal also speaks for the brand. The scarves are made by hand in our neighbouring country, which saves a lot of CO2 during transport. In addition, they are made of organic cotton and the jacquard weaving turns them into the scarves that perfectly complement your outfit. No chemicals or pesticides are used in the cultivation of organic cotton and the water consumption is also much lower than with conventional cotton. Therefore the material is not only high quality but also ecological. Also in the processing, regional craftsmanship is used instead of foreign mass production. Has this already convinced you? Then take a closer look at the selection of Létol in our GREENALITY online shop.

Colourful, playful and unconventional

This probably describes the scarves of Létol best. The summery colours like blue, red or orange are refined with different patterns and make you shine. You can also combine the scarves beautifully. For a summery look, for example, a dress from Blutsgeschwister or Lanius is the best choice. With simple dresses and an eye-catching neckerchief you will become an eye-catcher. But you can also combine your scarf wonderfully with a casual shirt like the one from Funktion Schnitt. Tightly tied around your neck and possibly with a bow, you look cute and very feminine. But the models by Létol are also suitable for a business look with a blazer. As you can see, there are countless possibilities to combine your scarf. So choose your most beautiful model and bring the south of France to Germany!