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Kipepeo Clothing

Kipepeo Clothing

Kipepeo Clothing

Kipepeo Clothing

The social project Kipepeo Clothing from Stuttgart has its clothes produced in Tanzania under fair and environmentally friendly conditions to promote trade relations with East Africa and thus support the local economy. This is also where the great prints on the clothes are made. They are designed by the supported school children during lessons.

Kipepeo - social project for fair eco fashion

Kipepeo is the Swahili word for butterfly. The name refers to the company's history, which is based on a story of a butterfly, which flaps its wings and thus ignites a storm. Kipepeo's flapping of wings happened in 2008 in a small primary school in Tanzania and was a child's drawing that Abigail gave to Kipepeo employee Martin as a gift. What triggered it? The idea and implementation of the "Kipepeo" project, in the context of which clothing is produced sustainably, under fair conditions and printed with children's drawings. The proceeds of the company go to the schools "Mecsons Primary School" and "Utukufu Nursery School" in Tanzania. The homepage shows the projects that have been supported in the form of a timeline. For example, the rent for the school building and land is paid annually, children are reimbursed for their school fees and new facilities such as a hygienic kitchen, new school benches or a computer room are financed.

Sustainability Policy

Whether a funny monkey on the T-shirt or an elephant on the hoodie, the prints painted by children will enchant you. Besides t-shirts and hoodies for men and women, there are also cute printed bodies to be found. Unprinted are the basic shirts from Kipepeo and the skirts and accessories.

The certified organic cotton from which the clothes of Kipepeo Clothing are made off, comes from a small farmers' cooperative in the Shinyanga region. The irrigation is done in a natural way by the largest lake in Africa. The processing in Arusha is also carried out under fair working conditions. In the last step, the T-shirts go to Stuttgart, where the motifs designed by the children are printed by hand on the T-shirts using the screen printing process. This is done completely voluntarily so that more donations can be collected.

Kipepeo stands for responsibility towards children, workers and the environment The garments are manufactured in Arusha (Tanzania) by the Sunflag Company. This company has very high ethical standards. The seamstresses receive a fair wage, have fixed working hours, have health insurance and are reimbursed for food and transport. The processes are regularly checked. The Kipepeo website also ensures transparency. The Kipepeo Cycle gives detailed information about each of the production steps and there is even a DVD about Kipepeo Clothing for sale.

Organic cotton: compatible and beautiful!

With organic cotton not only you do something good for the environment and the supported workers - but also for your own skin and well-being!

The Kipepeo shirts are available in their own online shop, but only at markets, fairs and at selected online partners. These partners must attach importance to a long-term, sustainable trade relationship and place great emphasis on transparency and fair trade on the website. Since we represent all these values, you can also buy Kipepeo items at GREENALITY.