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Kerbholz- Sustainability 

Preserving resources, from which the products are made off, for future generations is particularly important for the makers. So with every product sold, money is donated to reforestation projects. The company is also committed to sustainable environmental protection.

Materials At Kerbholz

Kerbholz mainly uses three materials for their jewellery: wood, slate and acetate. The natural wood, for example maple, comes mainly from certified forestry. A special hard wax oil mixture is applied to this wood to preserve its natural colour in the long run and to increase its resistance. The company uses the slate to apply thin veneers as layers on the glasses. It is ideal for this purpose because of its unique texture and feel. Cellulose acetate is one of the most important renewable raw materials of all. It is produced from wood waste such as bark or plant residues and residual fibres.

Elegant Wooden Watches

But the company offers you not only sustainable, but above all beautiful products. Their fashion line includes everything between cool and casual. In the area of wooden watches you can choose between different styles, whose names range from Adelheid to Reineke to Hans. These different styles are mainly characterized by the fact that the bracelets have different widths. In addition, the shape of the watch varies between round and square. Within these different styles, you can choose between various models, in which the colour or the type of wood differs.

Casual Sunglasses

Also in the area of sunglasses you can choose the style of your choice, depending on whether you are more into round or square glasses. Here the names range from Alfons to Albert to Herrmann. Next to that, you can decide again which type of wood your chosen glasses should be made of or which colour they should have.

Accessories For Every Occasion

So you definitely can't go wrong with a watch or some glasses by Kerbholz. The products are suitable for almost every occasion and clearly prove your taste in style and fashion. Last but not least, you should also be aware that by buying a product of this brand, you are supporting a sustainable company and therefore also nature. So if you wear sunglasses or a wooden watch on your wrist, not only do you show that you have environmental awareness, but become also a real eye-catcher!