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Ethnotek - Ethnology and Technology

Exactly these two words compose the name of the company Ethnotek. This sums up the basic idea of the fashion label: On the one hand, Ethnotek focuses on a respectful interaction with other cultures and support for local textile industries in other countries. On the other hand, the label has set itself the goal of producing practical backpacks and bags that are durable and will accompany you for a long time on all your adventures.

Unusual Patterns & Functionality

This is exactly what the products of Ethnotek embody. The fancy backpacks and bags get that certain something through traditionally woven textiles. Eye-catching is guaranteed! You can easily give your new backpack a personal touch thanks to the detachable front. You can decide every day which pattern fits to your outfit and save resources by customizing a backpack instead of buying a new one. All Ethnotek products are also 100% vegan and are made without harmful chemicals.

Ethnotek Backpacks & Bags Are Fairly Produced In Vietnam

Ethnotek produces all its products in a factory in Vietnam. The first thing that often comes to ones mind are unfair working conditions and poor payments. But not in this case! All workers receive on average 81% more salary than the average worker in Vietnam. In addition, Ethnotek sets regular working hours, paid holidays and insurance for granted. You can be sure that your new Fairtrade backpack has been produced without exploitation.

There Is A Lot Of Culture In It!

The eye-catching designs by Ethnotek backpacks and bags don't come out of nowhere. All patterns are made by crafts-people from different countries like Indonesia, Ghana or Vietnam. The aim of Ethnotek is to use traditional and handmade textiles to make high quality backpacks. Thus, the label supports the preservation of different cultures and also secures important jobs in other countries. Ethnotek wants to spread the values of different cultures with its products and draw attention to the importance of being open and respectful towards other cultures.