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Ethletic - An Unusual Story

The history of the company does not start in the fair fashion world but with a football. In 1998, James Lloyed and Dr. Martin Kunz set their minds on bringing the first fairly produced football onto the market. With this idea, Ethletic was born. 2004 then the consideration: Why not dare to bring a sneaker onto the market that is produced under fair and environmentally conscious conditions? No sooner said than done! On the basis of the already established production methods, the sneaker went into production and reaps much acclaim in the environmentally conscious scene.

Fair & Sustainable Shoes By Ethletic

Everyone loves shoes, right? That's why we also have the brand Ethletic in the GREENALITY online shop. Ethletic produces its fair eco shoes in Pakistan. The cotton has the Fairtrade seal and is naturally organically grown. The sole, which is made of natural rubber, is also FSC® certified. Ethletic also wants to import its products in the most CO2-saving way possible and uses ship transport instead of air transport. In 2016, Ethletic also won the Fairtrade Award in the Manufacturer category. We give a thumbs up for this cool business idea and of course we don't want to keep it from you.

Upcycling Instead Of Just Throwing It Away

Far too much clothing is thrown away. Often because an item of clothing simply no longer fits or is damaged. Especially with shoes, this often happens when worn frequently. But throwing something away does not always have to be the first choice. So that you can enjoy your favourite shoes even longer, Ethletic offers you a subsidy to repair your broken sneakers.

Different Styles 

Your outfit is only complete when you have the right trainers. The models from Ethletic are especially suitable for the casual look. Whether a classic dark blue or a gaudy red - the shoes will definitely be an eye-catcher par excellence.

Sustainable Shoes Support Social Projects

At GREENALITY you can do something good for your fellow humans by buying your Ethletic Sneakers - for example the Ethletic Fair Trainers. Since 2019, we are in close cooperation with a school in Bangladesh. With every product we sell in our online shop or in our stores in Stuttgart and Hannover, we donate the amount of money that is needed for one school lesson at this school. With "A lesson for fashion" we want to ensure that children from countries of the global south also have a successful and happy future.