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Einhorn: The fair fun

With Einhorn condoms you not only bring new energy into your love life, you also do something for the environment. Einhorn condoms are 100% vegan, sustainable and incredibly sexy. This sustainability begins in Malaysia with the gum pickers and ends in Germany, where 50% of the profits are used for charitable purposes. Sex education for young people is also one of the projects currently being supported. The product range is constantly growing and is characterized not only by its appealing outer shell. One bag contains 7 condoms made of natural rubber latex with a lubricating gel coating, a user manual and lots of love. The nominal width of the condoms is a uniform 54 mm and a bell-like shape ensures sufficient freedom for sexual pleasure. Each condom is of course individually packed. The design was not spared on well-known artists. Oliver Rath, Heji Shin or André Wagner are just a few examples. That's why Einhorn condoms catch the eye from afar and that's exactly how it was intended.

What does a chip bag have to do with an orgasm?

Gone are the times when we were embarrassingly touched as we pushed ourselves past the supermarket shelf between feminine hygiene items and cleaning products to sneak to the checkout line armed with a boring pack of condoms and a highly red face. In short: Buying condoms has so far been simply unpleasant and above all extremely unsexy. Thanks to the two pioneers from Berlin,Waldemar Zeiler and Philip Siefer, this is now set to change completely. With the help of Crowdfunding, the young company conquered the German market in 2014 and has since then been writing a success story that is quite respectable. The start-up concept sounds as simple as it is ingenious: Take a few well-known designers, pack the condoms produced by fairtrade in a stylish packaging in the form of a chip pack and thus provide customers with a whole new experience when buying contraceptives. If the mere act of buying a condom becomes an experience, the subsequent act of love can only become gigantic, right?

The way from fair latex to young entrepreneurship

Fairstainability - that is more than fair trade or environmentally friendly production methods. Einhorn not only ensures fair payment and a good working environment for its employees, it also places great value on resource-saving production processes. In addition, pesticide consumption should be kept as low as possible. Incidentally, at Einhorn, the term Fairstainability applies to both the condoms and the condom packaging. The attentive reader may well ask himself the question whether condoms are not vegan from the ground up when using the term "vegan condoms". This is not always the case, as many manufacturers add a milk protein to the rubber to soften the condom. Einhorn deliberately does without this. Einhorn - that is sustainable sex with a pinch of idealism.