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Reusable Make-Up... EcoYou
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EcoYou - Sustainable and free of plastic

More and more plastic is floating in our oceans, and by 2050 there will be even more plastic than fish in the water. That's exactly what the founders of EcoYou want to prevent and offer their customers plastic-free alternatives for everyday life. Plastic not only harms our environment and animals, but also us as humans. With the Zero-Waste products you can be inspired and get some simple tips & tricks to make your life a little bit more sustainable. As it is quite a big task to save our oceans, the support of every single person is important. Every step in the right direction, every plastic flap less, every plastic toothbrush replaced by a sustainable alternative made of bamboo contributes a small part to a better world.

The story behind EcoYou

When the two founders Lisa and Joy started a trip to Asia in 2016, they were aware of the environmental problem there, but the full extent of the problem was only realized on site. Plastic as far as the eye can see. The two want to change this, and even then they were already collecting plastic waste that was lying around freely. While being still on the road, they replaced more and more products with plastic-free alternatives and accepted the challenge of a much more plastic-free life. But they did not only want to change their own life, but also that of many others. In 2017 they founded EcoYou and their goal is to raise awareness of the big problem of plastic consumption, educate people and show alternatives.

Economic, ecological and social

All three dimensions are 100% fulfilled by EcoYou. In addition to sustainable everyday items and fair production, the company is also known for its great social commitment. In doing so, they start off with some cool projects. One project that caught our eye is called "1 photo = 1 tree". With every photo of an EcoYou product posted by customers on Instagram with a hashtag, the company plants a tree. In this way they want to counteract the deforestation of our forests and give something back to nature. EcoYou also regularly organizes so-called "clean ups". All participants are informed about the problems of the high plastic consumption and at the same time can actively do something about the problem. Through a facebook group they drum up people in certain places and clean up together.

EcoYou in the GREENALITY online shop

We at GREENALITY are happy to offer you some products from EcoYou in our online shop. You can choose freely and decide how you want to make your life more plastic-free. Here you will find reusable drinking straws made of glass, fruit and vegetable nets made of fabric and washable make-up remover pads. No matter which helper you choose, you can improve our world and do something good for nature and yourself.