Happy Hemp Womens Socks

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You want to dress sustainably and fairly from head to toe? Even your socks are included! We... more
Product information "Happy Hemp Womens Socks"

You want to dress sustainably and fairly from head to toe? Even your socks are included!

We are the Happy Hemp Womens Socks by Afends. We have the colour rose and so you can set a cool highlight with us that will definitely make you stand out. With us you are also really sustainable, because we are made of organic cotton, hemp, elastane, nylon and Rubber and therefore especially environmentally friendly in our production. Moreover we are vegan.

Bad working conditions and low wages are a no-go in our opinion, therefore we are manufactured fair trade in China.

When it goes into the laundry for us, you just have to pay attention to a few things. Just clean us with cold wash. You can also put us in the tumble dryer without any problems.

With us, you can switch even the last detail in your wardrobe to a sustainable alternative - and it's definitely worth it.

As you know now, I contain synthetic fibres. When you're washing me it is possible, that the smallest fibres come loose and enter into waste water. But there is something that you can do against it: With the GuppyFriend Washing Bag from Langbrett the emergence of microplastics is reduced and that what's left is catched by it. Furthermore the bag protects me from the washing machine drum. You therefore can enjoy me for a long period of time.

About me

  • Sex: Woman
  • Colour: Rose
  • Pattern: Color blocks
  • Details:
  • Criteria: Vegan
  • Country of production: China

Material & Care

  • Material: 55% Cotton (Organic), 24% Hemp, 12% Elastane, 6% Nylon, 3% Rubber
  • Care instructions: Cold wash, Dryer use
Sex: Woman
Criteria: Vegan
Material: Cotton
Pattern: Color blocks, Plain
Country of manufacture: China
Dryer care: Dryer use
Washing Care: Cold wash
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